The Regal Standard

The Regal Standard is a twelve page newspaper, designed to honour God, broadcast his deeds, answer the hard questions and encourage the reader, and God's children everywhere, to follow him.

Originally designed to counter an atheist convention in Melbourne in April 2012, it has many uses beyond that. More than 80,000 copies have been purchased so far, for Christians to pass on to friends and distribute in letterboxes and other venues. Several churches have distributed 2000 to 5000 copies and one regional church distributed 10,000 copies to their community.

Articles Include:

I Was Wrong! The world's most notorious atheist details his surprising reversal after 50 years of active atheism.
Three eminent scientists explain how science and faith go hand in hand.
An honest atheist academic explains why Africa needs God.
Why suffering?
What about Christian "evil"?

"I saw a miracle" – an extraordinary miracle witnessed by hundreds.

Amazing Bible prophecy fulfilled: a stamp of God's authority. Much more!


The Regal Standard is an effective tool you can use:

Conversation starter for friends, family, colleagues.
Answers for questions people will ask you.
Distribute in communities, universities, workplace.
Equip your church.


150 copies: $45, 300 copies: $65, 900 copies: $180. Includes postage to anywhere in Australia.

Gather 10 people from your church

Only $18 each and about 1 hour distribution

will place 900 copies in your neighbourhood, university etc.


Minimum Order: 150 copies for only $45


Order from:
or Call: 0413 265 448


Just email your postal address to:



We have limited stocks on hand.
We may or may not reprint, depending on demand.
So get your order in quickly so that you don't miss out!

Please contact us if you have questions:

0413 265 448

Created by: Pastor Dennis Prince.

Resource Christian Music, Kingston City Church, Melbourne.




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